Cyber 4 Digital Inclusion – Olympiad for Cyber Wellness – The Conclusion


Cyber 4 Digital Inclusion - Olympiad for Cyber Wellness - The Conclusion

Celebrating Online Safety

Information and communication technologies represent amazing opportunities for children and youth to evolve as smart and vibrant 21st century citizens, working and competing effectively in the global economy. Internet has become a powerful resource in widening access to education, information and collaboration. Today’s youth spend much of their time with media and digital activities, so it becomes imperative to educate them to be smart digital citizens aware of their rights and responsibilities

Understanding the needs and challenges on the ground, Learning Links Foundation with support of Ministry of Human Resource and Development, Digital India, NeGD and UNICEF had launched Digital Citizenship and Cyber Wellness Olympiad in April 2017. The Olympiad received and overwhelming participations of 68,882 children, youth, teachers and caregivers.

Olympiad for Cyber Wellness – The Conclusion

GCCS 2017 was the most appropriate platform to appreciate and award the winners of the Olympiad. Learning Links Foundation (LLF) was one of the partners with NeGD to organise a curtain raiser event on 21st November at J W Marriott, Aero city. Principals, Educators, Students, parents and key stakeholders from education fraternity from various parts of the country travelled to Delhi for the felicitation ceremony where Certificate of Merit and Achiever’s Club certificate were awarded to the young and smart achievers.

15 students, 1 educator and 1 Principal were awarded during this event. It was motivating to see students sharing the same stage with Principals and Educators.

It was a celebratory time with the young sharp minds sharing the benefits of Information and Communication Technologies at the same time being smart to manage the risks and challenges in the online space. The event was attended by few Principals from renowned schools in Delhi and NCR. Dr. Anjlee Prakash, Founder & Chairperson of Learning Links Foundation (LLF) welcome all dignitaries. In her welcome address, she shared the Olympiad success story which gathered participation from all 29 states and 7 union territories. The Olympiad website and content was viewed by more than 7 lakh+ people across the country and registration from 68882 people including students, educators, Principals, parents and community.  The Olympiad also had participation from students from Sweden, Malaysia and UAE.

Dr N K Sahu, Economic Advisor with MHRD was one of the few eminent guests. While giving away the awards to ‘Certificate of Merit’ Holders, he spoke about the need of cyber safety in today’s time and how initiatives like this plays a key role in helping our young children use technology in the most ethical manner. Mr A N Ramachandra, Joint Commissioner (Academics), Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti was also present and gave away the awards to the members of ‘Achiever’s Club’. He addressed the gathering and appreciated Learning Links Foundation for introducing such an Olympiad. He emphasised on the need of online safety to be made integral part of the education system. Dr V Vijayalakshmi, Joint Commissioner (Academics) also graced the occasion with her presence. She thanked Learning Links Foundation for organising such an event and coming up with the noble initiative which is the need of the hour today.

At the end of the award ceremony, Dr. Prakash thanked the organisations like MHRD, NVS, KVS, UNICEF, Adobe, Smart Class Educational Services Pvt Ltd (SESPL) and Wizfinity Edusolutions Pvt Ltd for supporting LLF in reaching out to each and every part of the country.

Logical conclusion to the Olympiad was prop

osed by Learning Links Foundation as a follow up program in the form of ‘Cyber Safe Institutions’. The session ended with Ms. Promila Arun Bij, Senior Partner at Learning Links Foundation announcing the launch of phase II of the Olympiad in December 2017 after the stupendous success of this phase.

The award ceremony was followed by Panel Discussion on 

‘Cyber Safety with Innovative Technologies for One Billion’. Cyber Security Safety is a critical and large scale issue which requires a multi-sectorial and multi-disciplinary approach, involving a wide range of stakeholders including government, multilateral agencies, industry bodies, schools, communities and caregivers.

A Panel Discussion was organized at the curtain raiser event of GCCS with national and international experts across government, industry, academia, civil societies, discussing and sharing their recommendations for developing smart and secure Digital Services and Platforms to meet the needs of today’s digitally engaged citizens. The discussions focused around:

  • What are the opportunities and challenges faced by Digital Citizens?
  • How can governments, industry and online platforms provide secure delivery of Digital Services ensuring citizens’ privacy and security?
  • How can our children and youth be provided with enabling Online Space to grow as smart 21st citizens contributing to the development of the nation?

The experts and the audience had vibrant and engaged discussions. The panelists included renowned personalities;

1. Ms. Karnika Seth, cyber law expert and advocate, practicing in the Supreme Court of India – Her talk focussed on the policies and laws in India with respect to Cyber safety and how we can be more cyber inclusive and cyber safe.

2. Mr. Gaurav Kanwal, Head, SMB & Channel Sales, Adobe South Asia spoke about from the micro perspective and what do we as adults need to watch out for on things like cyber bullying and cyber predators and at a macro level, how can the tech industry like Adobe is taking a more inclusive approach to cyber security.

3. Mr. Ashok Pandey, an educationist, Principal of Ahlcon International School, New Delhi – His talk focussed on challenges and threats of indiscriminate use of internet by students and as an academician, how do we address this potentially large problem and what role should the schools play.

4. Mr. Javier, Over 20 years of international experience in the area of child protection across the world. He is currently the Child Protection Chief, UNICEF India. He discussed some of the best practices and guidelines for protecting children online and what roles can government, civil societies, industry and academia can play to curb the potential problem of child safety on internet.

5. Mr Kulbir, Advisor (POCSO) National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) spoke about the cyber threats and how can we help our young generation from these threats.

6. Mr. Pawan Duggal, Founder & Chairman of International commission on Cyber security law, President of & practicing Advocate Supreme Court of India. He discussed some of the laws and policies in India that cater to curb cyber issues.

Two speakers Mr. Stephan Vincent, Senior Analysis and Project Manager at OECD from Paris and Ms. Ritu Narayan, management consultant within Advisory Technology with Ernst & Young [EY], UK were connected through video conferencing.

Mr. Stephan shared his thoughts on Internet usage patterns amongst adolescents and youth. How can institutions, government, and industry work together to address this issue and what kind of education and training are important to create large-scale sensitization and awareness on cyber safety. Ms. Ritu discussed the WeProtect Global Alliance and what are the benefits of being a part of the Global Alliance? What is the starting point for a country in tackling online sexual exploitation of children?  What is industry doing to help tackle this issue and what technology is out there to combat this issue.

The panel was moderated by Ms. Nuriya Ansari, Managing Partner, Learning Links Foundation. The panel discussion was followed by a brief Q/A where the panellists addressed few questions from the audience. At the end, Dr. Prakash thanked all panellists for sharing their expertise and experiences and presented them a small token of thanks. Dr Anjlee also thanked the event sponsors Adobe and Wizfinity Edusolutions Pvt Ltd for providing financial support to make this event a huge success.

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