In the digital era that all of us live today; irrespective of our choice, it becomes imperative to use technology in our daily learning life. Team’s work experience with major IT organizations includes content development, content training and professional development of educators using technology thus giving that extra edge to our confidence towards inclusion of creative use of technology in learning content. The learning content to use technology spreads across formal education, non-formal education, government e-Initiatives, entertainment, competitions and more thus building a future ready generation towards accuracy, transparency and employability.

Technology based content for students and educators

  • Technology integration manuals and activity books:
  • 27 Manuals designed for class 6-10
  • Subjects include English, science and social studies
  • Activities mapped to CBSE curriculum under NCERT environment
  • Educator Manual for Adobe Educational tools under Adobe Creative Cloud App
  • Training and induction presentations made for educators for technology in education

Training and workshop collaterals – Embed technology creatively

  • Designed research based reference material and glossary for easy access and assimilation
  • Activities mapped to CBSE curriculum under NCERT environment
  • Content design to address Principals/Head of the Institutions
    on importance of technology integration beyond the IT Labs

Promotional Content:

  • Designing content and creating branding communication
  • Designing of communication to reach masses through technology including social media

Content designing and management for
national campaign on online safety

  • Environment Study
  • Research and analysis
  • Content designing for
  • Students (class 3-12)
  • Educators (K-12)
  • parents and
  • community
  • Question Bank

Other Services

  • Content designing for Natural Capital Resources
  • R & D documentation on Financial Literacy
  • Designed multiple implementation program process for reach, scalability and sustainability
  • Designing of templates/formats – Data capture, implementation processes, monitoring,
    assessing, evaluating, rewarding and showcasing, impact and case study, analysis and improvising
  • Designing of online mechanism for inter and intra level communication and repository of information
  • Curation of content for webinars
  • Designing of elaborate rubrics as parameters of selections under National Contests for educational segment
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